How to Turn Off App Nap for Specific Applications on OS X Mavericks

Rafia Shaikh

We wrote about the amazing features of OS X Mavericks update just a couple of days ago[Read: Some of the OS X Mavericks Features - Making Mac Users Even Happier!]. In that review there was a very useful feature to help you save the battery of your Macs and help you use it for longer hours namely App Nap! Here is a guide to help you turn off specific applications on App Nap on your OS X Mavericks laptop!

App Nap automatically ends the currently unused applications. However, some users have complained that because of App Nap, OS X freezes and appears even more stuck than any previous updates before X Mavericks. In case you are also suffering from this problem, you can easily disable this feature of App Nap for any individual application that you consider clogs your system down, or do not want to be sent to sleep.

App Nap!

To boost battery life in OS X Mavericks, App Nap will slow down an app that is not being actively used. Of course you have the control to set which apps are being put to sleep. Open Finder window and browse your applications folder. Right click on any application that you want the feature to not make it go to sleep and select Get Info. You will see a checkbox that’ll allow you to turn off Prevent App Nap for that app.

Here are these instructions in step by step form to help you disable App Nap for any particular app:

  • Close the application for which you want to disable App Nap.
  • In the Finder, navigate to Applications and select the application for which you want to disable App Nap.
  • Select Get Info on the application and then click Prevent App Nap / Disable App Nap.
  • Ta da!

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