Apple to Launch its Rumored 27-Inch External Mini-LED Display in Q1 2023

Ali Salman
Apple 27-inch Mini-LED Display Launch

According to the latest, Apple is planning to launch a new 27-inch external monitor with mini-LED early next year. We have heard numerous times in the past that Apple is planning to launch the 27-inch mini-LED display, but the product failed to meet the deadline. Now, display analyst Ross Young suggests that Apple is planning to debut the external monitor in the first quarter of next year.

Apple is Rumored to Debut Its 27-Inch mini-LED Display With ProMotion Support in The First Quarter of 2023

Ross Young shared details on the release of Apple's 27-inch mini-LED display in a tweet with his super followers. The analyst coins that Apple has "pushed" the release time to Q1 2023. If the news has any heft to it, the company might see fit to release the display in January to March timeframe. Initially, Young suggested that Apple will launch the 27-inch mini-LED display in June 2022. However, he later quoted that the launch was delayed till October. Now, we have a new timeframe to look forward to.

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Apple 27-inch Mini-LED Display Launch

Apple has been dealing with supply constraints for a while now, and it would not be wrong to presume that this might be the reason for the delay. If you are looking forward to it, Apple's 27-inch external display will come with support for ProMotion and a 120Hz refresh rate. In addition, the display will feature mini-LED technology for enhanced color accuracy and a brighter screen.

Take note that the 27-inch mini-LED will not be a successor to the Pro Display XDR. This is because the latter features a 6K resolution and a bigger display. The upcoming mini-LED display will be similar to the Studio Display, which features the same screen size.  Nonetheless, the upcoming display will be more expensive than the $1,599 Studio Display due to mini-LED and ProMotion technology.

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