Apple to Launch High-End Mac mini With M2 Pro Chip Next Year – Analyst

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Apple M2 and M2 Pro redesogned Mac mini Launch

A credible analyst has speculated that Apple will not launch a new Mac mini until 2023. It was previously rumored that Apple will launch a new model of the Mac mini with upgraded internals this year. The company recently launched its new Mac Studio which has seen a positive response as far as early benchmarks are concerned. The Mac mini is expected to feature upgraded internals as well as a redesigned chassis with a plexiglass top. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple Will Launch the Redesigned Mac mini With M2 Chip and M2 Pro Chip Next Year

Ming-Chi Kuo shared his predictions for Apple's Mac lineup last week. He shared that Apple is planning to launch a new external display without mini-LED and Mac mini with upgraded internals this year. Moreover, he also suggested that the company will update the Mac Pro and iMac Pro with custom Apple Silicon and the launch will take place in 2023. Today, the analyst has issued an updated statement and believes that Apple will launch all of the aforementioned devices next year.

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At this point, we are expecting Apple to launch two variants of the redesigned Mac mini with an M2 chip and an M2 Pro chip. In addition to this, it is also being reported that Apple will launch the M2 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro later this year but without the 'Pro' moniker. The M2 chip is rumored to feature the same number of CPU cores but with major speed and efficiency enhancements and additional GPU cores. As for the M2 Pro chip, a 12-core CPU is expected with up to 16-cores for the GPU.

Apple M2 and M2 Pro redesogned Mac mini Launch

Take note that these are mere speculations and rumors at this stage and the final word rests with Apple. We will let you guys know as soon as there is an update to the story. What are your speculations on the M2 Mac mini launch for 2023? Share your expectations with us in the comments.

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