Apple Store App Updated With New ‘For You’ Recommendations And More

Ali Salman

Previously we covered that Apple was planning to update its Apple Store app with a new feature. The new feature would reportedly allow the app to make 'For You' recommendations based on consumer's purchases and buying habits. The word on street has finally come into existence as Apple updated its Apple Store app. The update brings quite a handful of new additions to the table. Let's see some more details on the app update.

Apple Store App Will Now Recommend Devices And Accessories According To You

There are plenty of changes made in the Apple Store app for digital purchasers who visit frequently. The latest update bumps up the app to version 4.0. As expected, the update brings redesigned interface, a new 'For You' recommendations feature and much more. See below what's new in version 4.0.

  • Get recommendations and shop for new products based on what works with the Apple devices you already own.
  • Manage your Apple account at a glance with the updated, easy-to-use Account tab.
  • Learn about helpful workshops and exciting events happening at your nearest Apple Store.
  • Stay on top of your in-store activities. Find out when your order is ready for pickup and see what time your reservation starts.
  • Scan a product at a participating Apple Store to get more information, make sure it’s compatible, and buy it from your iPhone.
  • Find out if a product you’ve added to Favorites is available when you visit a participating store.

Apple has included a brand new 'Discover' tab that contemplates what the consumer has purchased in the past and what he already owns. Based on these considerations, the updated Apple Store app suggests new accessories and devices to purchase from within the app itself. This will enable users to make decisions accordingly and with much more ease. Users would not have to search for individual products based on their knowledge. Since a lot of customers don't know what is out there or what they potentially want, the app will provide recommendations for seamless purchases.

Apple Store App

Moreover, the update also supports multitasking on the iPad. This is all credits to the new design that scales up the app from the iPhone version. The app is now universal for the iPhone and iPad. So if you're interested, be sure to update the app from the App Store if you haven't set it to update automatically. The Apple Store app is available for free from the App Store.

Apple Store App

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Apple Store app update? Let us know in the comments if you think the new interface is better than the previous version.

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