Apple Silicon Will Enable a Better Future for Gaming on the Mac, Says Developer


For years, gaming on a Mac was possible but limited as many developers’ games were not ported to macOS, and while several popular titles are available, it is negligible compared to what is available for PC users. Fortunately, according to an interview with a game developer, Apple Silicon will make it possible to not just engage in creative work sessions but also partake in gaming sessions, as long as the technology giant opens up to the idea.

Before Apple Silicon, the Majority of the Mac Range Comprised of Intel’s Integrated GPUs, Which Was Not Sufficient to Game

The introduction of Apple Silicon materialized with the M1, and though the SoC’s 8-core GPU was not on par with dedicated solutions from NVIDIA and AMD, the increase in performance when compared to integrated GPUs was massive. An argument can be made that the Apple Silicon is capable of gaming at increased graphics settings, but according to several benchmarks, it is less than a stellar experience. MacRumors recently did an interview with game developer Feral Interactive, who states that there is an audience for high-quality games on the macOS platform.

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“The changes have been cyclical, but bringing games to the Mac platform over that time has had its challenges. Apple's move from PPC to Intel, 32-bit to 64-bit and, most recently, Intel to ‌Apple Silicon‌ – all of these required transitional periods and substantial work, but in each case they facilitated a situation in which better games could be brought to Mac. What has remained constant is that there is a community of Mac users who want to play games on their computers. There's an audience for good games that are well optimized for the platform.”

Also, Macs with dedicated GPUs were significantly more expensive compared to those with integrated solutions, but the arrival of the M1 makes everything consistent across the company’s lineup, though consumers still have to pay more for the better performing M1 Pro and M1 Max. Regardless, with affordable Apple Silicon Macs now getting access to better GPUs, one problem for the developer has gone away, to an extent.

“Before [‌Apple Silicon‌], nearly all the most popular Apple computers, particularly their entry level laptops, used Intel Integrated Graphics. That was a problem. We had to spend a large part of extended development cycles optimizing games to make sure they ran as well as possible on devices which were not intended or designed for gaming. The problem is that AAA games often push the limits on hardware, and we need to be confident that we can get a game to run well on a broad range of machines, often stretching back several years. However, the current transition to ‌Apple Silicon‌ opens up some exciting opportunities. In comparison to the previous generation of Intel-based Macs, it offers a big step up in power, and for games that translates to better performance and enhanced graphical fidelity.”

Apple is currently prepping the M2 for a launch later this year, and it should offer a small bump in performance thanks to its 10-core GPU. In addition, we should see the M2 Pro and M2 Max arriving next year with up to a 38-core GPU, which should encourage more developers to get serious about porting games to macOS. Back in 2020, Apple was rumored to be developing a Mac focused on gaming, but the product never materialized, for whatever reason.

News Source: MacRumors