Apple Teases Apple Silicon Mac Pro ‘for Another Day’

Uzair Ghani
Apple teases Apple silicon Mac Pro for another day

The Mac Studio blows everything out of the water and Apple has confirmed that it is working on an Apple silicon powered Mac Pro.

Apple Wraps up Peek Performance Event with a Teaser for the Apple Silicon Mac Pro

The Mac Studio is all about power - way too much power with the M1 Ultra. You'd think that this is as far as Apple would go when it comes to a Mac with Apple silicon and there might not be a Mac Pro at all.

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But nope, we're all wrong to think that.

Just when Apple was wrapping up everything, the company said that they are working on an Apple silicon Mac Pro and that's for 'another day.' Basically, the numbers which Apple touted for the Mac Studio today are just a teaser for what the Mac Pro will bring to the table and it makes us super excited at this point.

Apple revealed today that two M1 Max chips can be bridged together to double the performance. Given that the Mac Pro is going to be about even more firepower, therefore it's not crazy at all to think that the upcoming Mac Pro could feature two M1 Ultra chips paired together for the ultimate jump in performance.

When it comes to details, we have nothing to go with at all, other than the fact that the Mac Pro is definitely happening and the Mac Studio is not Apple's endgame. Given that WWDC is right around the corner, we can expect Apple to announce its desktop computer at the event. If not, then the end of the year seems like a fitting time as well.

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