Apple showcases two new apps for iOS 5

Syavash Pahore

At the Lets Talk iPhone event today, Apple surprisingly showcased two new apps for iOs5, Cards, and Find My Friends. Through Find My Friends, your friends using iOS5 can opt to share their location with you. You can then locate your friends through the app to see exactly where they are and how far away they are from you and perhaps hook up a meeting or provide directions to  a lost friend. Privacy is a concern ofcourse,  so you can choose to limit the time period during others can see your activity. And then there is the Cards App...


For $2.99 in the US or $4.99 elsewhere you can send someone a a greeting card through your iPhone. You can select the card you want, the message you wan't to send and the nice people at Apple will print it out for you and deliver it to the recipient, you even get  a push notification for when the card is delivered!  Apple could be going somewhere with this, and if people pick this up, you can say goodbye to E-cards in your email and get the real thing from your friends in your mail!

Select the card on your iDevice
..and Apple delivers it for you.
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