Apple Says It Is Not Surprised That Its $19 Polishing Cloth Is in High Demand, Though You Might Only Find One in 2022

Omar Sohail
Apple Says It Is Not Surprised That Its $19 Polishing Cloth Is in High Demand, Though You Might Only Find One in 2022

Out of the slew of products Apple announced earlier this month, a significant number of eyeballs were on the $19 Polishing Cloth. We figure a lot of readers might be scratching their heads on why would anyone spend this much money on something as ordinary as a cleaning accessory when various places like Amazon have a myriad of cheaper options? Believe it or not, the cloth quickly went out of stock, with Apple saying that it was not surprised over the high demand for it.

You Will Have to Wait up to 12 Weeks to Get Your $19 Polishing Cloth if You Order One Right Now

Stamping a company’s logo on a regular product can create a ton of momentum, which was likely the reason why the Polishing cloth was sold out this quickly. If you decide to get one for yourself to see why consumers are going crazy for it, we have to be the bearer of bad news. If you visit Apple’s website right now, you will notice that there is a 10-12 week waiting time for the $19 cleaning accessory.

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This means that you will be waiting until 2022 to get your hands on it, and if you are still set on getting one, you will have to muster all the patience that you can right now. Apple has provided the following description of the Polishing Cloth, but that is about all the information the company wants to give you. One advantage of this cleaning cloth is that it is ‘compatible’ with 88 Apple products, whatever that means.

“Made with soft, nonabrasive material, the Polishing Cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively.”

With no mention as to what materials were used to make the cleaning accessory, it was only a matter of time before iFixit got its hands on the Polishing Cloth and relayed the relevant information to us. According to them, Apple’s $19 accessory is actually made up of two cloths that are glued together. Also, when viewed under a microscope, the teardown aficionados revealed that the Polishing Cloth had ‘miniscule fibers intricately woven together’, which summarizes that it is indeed made of high quality.

If you do not want to wait, MagicFiber, a maker of microfiber cloths, has a 6-pack deal on Amazon that is going for just under $9, so you can check that out.

News Source: The New York Times

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