Apple’s $19 Polishing Cloth Gets Teardown Treatment – Here Is Why It Costs More Than Regular Cleaning Cloths

Omar Sohail
Apple’s $19 Polishing Cloth Gets Teardown Treatment - Here Is Why It Costs More Than Regular Cleaning Cloths

It appears that whatever Apple releases, it ends up selling, even if it is the $19 Polishing Cloth. The cleaning accessory is now backordered, with the company’s website saying that you will not get it for 10-12 weeks. One could conclude that it is a high-quality item, which is why it sold out so rapidly. However, its popularity was likely due to Apple’s brand name than anything else, as there was no in-depth look at the materials at the time, until now. iFixit provides a closer at why you have to pay a premium for it, even if it is just another cleaning cloth.

Fresh Teardown Shows Apple’s Polishing Cloth Is Actually Two Cloths Glued Together

Unlike iFixit’s more intricate disassembly processes of various Apple products, the $19 Polishing Cloth has no circuits hidden under its fabric. What is different about it is that it is two pieces of cloth glued together. Whether or not that helps with the cleaning process, iFixit did not specify.

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However, the teardown process attempts to go to another level; under the microscope to probably check out if the $19 price tag is due to Apple’s ability to price its products at any range the company pleases, or something else. Given below is what the team found.

“Under a microscope the premium quality of Apple’s polishing cloth comes to life. On the left, you’ll see a plain old cleaning cloth. Boring. On the right? Miniscule fibers intricately woven together, uniting to become not just a tool for cleaning, but an object of beauty worthy of being cleaned itself. Amidst the beauty, a thin line delicately traces the form of mankind’s foundational fruit: an apple.”

A piece of the Polishing Cloth was cut in order to check it under the microscope. Compared to a regular cloth, Apple’s $19 accessory appears to command higher quality, and given how the company gives the same attention to the rest of its products, it is no wonder something as simple as a cleaning cloth can be given this much attention. To no one’s surprise, iFixit gave the polishing cloth a repairability score of 0 out of 10.

Though you cannot get your hands on it right now when Apple’s Polishing Cloth becomes readily available, would you add it to the rest of your premium belongings? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: iFixit

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