The iPhone 6S Might See A Massive Launch With $26.5 Billion Purchase Commitments By Apple

With the massive surge in popularity the iPhone 6 Duo, and the iPhone 6 Plus in particular witnessed since their launch, Apple seems to be eager to go all out with its upcoming iPhone 6S launches. The iPhone 6S, being the last in the current generation of iPhones isn't expected to come with any design changes at all. The devices are however expected to be a hairline thicker than the current iPhones, given the expected introduction of Force Touch, which has also previously featured on the Apple Watch and MacBooks.

Apple's Off Balance Sheet Commitments Of $26.5 Billion Hint At Massive iPhone Launch

Apple's 10Q filing this week shows a couple of interesting figures when it comes to the company's activities over the previous months. One of these is a massive $26.5 billion off balance sheet purchase commitments. These include commitments for outsourcing and components, which end up taking the majority with $22 Billion.

Besides these, they also include commitments for capital assets, product tooling and manufacturing process equipments. These see an increase of 26% since last year, and 15% since last quarter. Apple's having a real good time selling its iPhones and its being reflected in its balance sheet and plans in a major way as well.

The iPhone 6S Duo is expected to be launched by Apple in this September, with users and fans all around the world eagerly waiting to see what changes this year's upgrades will bring. The iPhone is the company's most focused upon product launch every year, even though at its conception, Apple was known for its personal computers.

These commitments highlight a stronger focus on the iPhone may be the case this year - simply because Apple can afford it. Recent reports have gone as far as to suggest that Apple takes up more than 90% of the operating income from global smartphone sales, leaving others, such as Samsung behind by a huge margin. So a much more spectacular iPhone launch definitely should be on the cards this year. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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