Apple’s MacBook Range Will Get Mass Produced In Vietnam From 2023; Foxconn To Invest A Whopping $270 Million

Omar Sohail
MacBook Pro with M2 SoC

As Apple continues to diversify its product production plans by shifting its supply chain out of China, one report states that Vietnam is expected to gain an advantage for MacBook models. The technology giant may commence mass production of its portable Mac family in the region in 2023 with help from none other than its largest iPhone assembling partner, Foxconn.

Foxconn obtained a license to construct a multi-million-dollar plant in Vietnam to start MacBook production

A report from Nikkei Asia talks about sources close to Apple’s plans, stating that MacBook production is expected to happen in Vietnam from May 2023 onwards. As problems take their toll in China, which is where the largest iPhone production takes place, Apple likely wanted to avoid any ramifications of these setbacks, which would have included product launch delays.

The report states that to begin MacBook production in Vietnam, Foxconn was granted a license back in 2021, where it would construct a $270 million plant. The production facility would accommodate both MacBook and iPad models, but the report did not mention any specific models. The new plant will be developed by Fukang Technology, with its location present in the northern Vietnamese province of Bac Giang.

Apple’s newest M2 MacBook Air showing a fan-less cooling solution

Shortly after production commences, the new plant will be able to produce around eight million laptops and tablets annually. While the following is unconfirmed, it is possible Apple did not launch the M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro models in 2022 due to this very reason; shifting production to Vietnam. The Cupertino firm is said to launch the new family sometime in 2023.

A larger product like a MacBook features more internal and exterior components, which may be why it is taking so long for Apple to relocate its supply chain to another region. These complex issues could also be related to why the Vietnamese plant can only churn out eight million MacBook and iPad units in 12 months.

Apart from the MacBook line, Apple may also start mass-producing HomePod units in the country. As for iPhones, the majority of production will remain in China, but it will not be long before Apple shifts to Vietnam and India in a few years.

News Source: Nikkei

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