Apple Shifts Mac Pro Production To China From The US


Ever since President Trump raised the issue of moving back manufacturing of US companies' products back to America, one company has come under fire more than others. Cupertino tech giant Apple is known for the outrageous margins that it makes on the iPhone. The company's complex, global supply chain comes to rest in China, where its high-end iPhones are assembled by the Taiwanese Hon-Hai Precision Industry Co., that's also known as Foxconn. Now, we're learning that Apple has tapped another Chinese assembler, Quanta computer, to assemble its Mac Pro. Take a look below for more details.

Apple Has Contracted Quanta Computers To Assemble The $6000 Mac Pro Outside Of The US

Apple finally upgraded the Mac Pro earlier this month after a six-year hiatus. The new Mac Pro has a $6,000 price tag, and the machine supports a 28 core Intel Xeon CPU and two AMD Vega Pro II GPUs. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the new machine from Apple will be assembled in China by Quanta Computers Inc. Quanta Computers is a Taiwan based electronic assembler.

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The Mac Pro 2019's predecessor was assembled in the United States by Flex Ltd, which is an American contract manufacturer. Apple's CEO Mr. Tim Cook has used every opportunity to remind users about how the company assembled the 2013 Mac Pro inside the US. Now, however, the company has changed its operational strategy. The motivation behind shifting production to China is savings on logistics costs as most other Apple suppliers are Asian, and shipping components to China is cheaper.

Mac Pro press image

Production for the Mac Pro will commence in a facility near Shanghai, according to the Journal's report. Apple's decision to outsource the production of another product to China is unlikely to sit well with President Trump's supporters. In its statement, the Cupertino tech giant stresses that the company's investments support 2 million jobs across the US.

It's been previously reported that the company has shifted some of its Mac and iPad production from China. Apple's primary manufacturing partner Foxconn also periodically reminds its investors that it's possible for the contract assembler to shift the company's production outside of China.

Whether it does is a question only time will answer. Until then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.