Apple Maintains a Comprehensive Lead in Premium Smartphone Share, but OnePlus and Huawei Are Slowly Gaining Traction

Apple leads premium smartphone market share

In the premium smartphone market, Apple currently has no worthy competitor, but that doesn’t mean the grip on this market has started to loosen. With Samsung and Huawei handsets crossing the $1000 price range, as well as affordable brands such as OnePlus offering customers value-oriented devices, Apple has lost some of its market share, despite maintaining a considerable lead. While it does not look like Apple’s top-spot is going to be threatened anytime soon, it should take note of these other players while it prepares its premium smartphone range for this year.

Apple Actually Lost 7 Percent Market Share in the Premium Smartphone Category

According to fresh data from Counterpoint Research, Apple had a 51 percent share in 2018 for the premium smartphone market, but it was 58 percent during 2017. Samsung also managed to drop 1 percent of its market share in this category, while companies such as OnePlus, Huawei, and OPPO managed to obtain a position in the top five brands.

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Thanks to the sales of its OnePlus 6T, the manufacturer saw a 2 percent market share in the premium smartphone category in 2018, while Huawei increased its hold to 10 percent during the same period. Counterpoint Research states that while there are 40 phone manufacturers that cater to the premium global handset market, only the top five account for 90 percent of shipments.

“Overall, Chinese players have scaled up their presence in the premium segment and have expanded the category. Further, they are now eyeing new geographies for growth. Apple remained the market leader capturing 51% share of the premium segment, a significant lead over its nearest competitor Samsung which had a 22% share. However, Chinese brands made their mark as Huawei’s share in the segment reached double digits (10%) for the first time in a calendar year. OPPO (+863%), OnePlus (+209%), and Xiaomi (+149%) were the fastest growing brands in the premium segment.”

Samsung’s premium market share might have dwindled thanks to the lackluster sales of its Galaxy S9 and Note 9 lineup, but the Korean giant appears to come out swinging with its Galaxy S10 range. Things are expected to get better for the manufacturer as it will unveil its Note 10 lineup later this year, putting more pressure on Apple to provide more compelling features in its 2019 iPhone XI series to encourage consumers to upgrade.

Do you feel that going forward, Apple will find a way to turn things around in the premium smartphone market, or will competitors like OnePlus and Huawei continue eating into that share? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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News Source: Counterpoint Research

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