Apple Kicks Off its ‘Let’s Take a Field Trip’ Event – Here are the Updates


The wait is finally over and Apple has finally kicked off its 'Field trip' event. Here's what the company is talking about and unveiled so far.

Apple's "Let's Take a Field Trip" Event Kicks off - Focuses on Education

There's going to be no live stream for this event which is kinda sad. But hey! We will constantly update this post whenever new announcements arrive.

Everything Apple Announced At Its Apple Education Event: 9.7-inch iPad, Schoolwork App, ClassKit And More – Roundup

  • Tim Cook makes it onto the stage.
  • From the start Tim is focussing on children and education. No surprises here so far.
  • Chicago Public Schools, in collaboration with Apple, are teaching 370,000 kids to code. That's huge!
  • For 40 years Apple's considered education a big part of itself.
  • No announcements so far. Tim Cook is talking education inside out with focus on coding.
  • The stage has been taken over by Kathleen Richardson, who is a former teacher and now works for Apple. She works with teachers on how to teach using Apple products. Impressive stuff.
  • Tim Cook is now back on the stage.
  • No announcement so far. But it's obvious that this event is centered around the iPad.
  • Greg Joswiak just took the stage over. He's going to talk about the iPad. OMG!
  • So far, he's talking about how you can use the iPad on a 'field trip.' Like using the Clips app etc.
  • There are 200,000 apps for iPad that cater to education. That's an impressive number.
  • Greg just took a dig at ChromeOS stating that these are not browser-based apps.
  • iPad being praised as a tool. Moving on.
  • Given the hype Apple is creating right now, it's obvious that it really wants to kick Google out of the classroom and take the throne once again. But how will it do it?
  • Woohoo! New iPad announced!
  • From what we can tell, it looks exactly the same as the current 9.7-inch iPad. Has a Touch ID Home button, same thick bezels, cameras, etc.
  • It supports the Apple Pencil too, it seems. Very interesting move from Apple.
  • An iPad that works with Apple Pencil. I'm sure many of you want this. Even us!
  • A new update for the iWork apps has been announced (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) that support the Apple Pencil. This is very nice stuff.
  • Ah, the updated apps might not be available immediately. But they're coming soon.
  • Teaches will be able to annotate documents in iWork using the Apple Pencil. Not bad at all.
  • Digital Books - iBooks Author coming to iPad. Pages will allow teachers to create books that can have pictures, videos and a whole lot of content.
  • Details of the new iPad - Weighs just 1 pound, features a 9.7-inch Retina display, 8MP rear camera, A10 Fusion, LTE option with GPS, Compass. Basically everything you'd expect from an iPad. No compromises.
  • It even has an HD FaceTime camera.
  • The big news here is that it houses an A10 Fusion chip. It's mighty powerful!
  • Apple is now talking about Augmented Reality.
  • Personally, I'm not a huge fan of AR, but these demos which Apple is highlighting are pretty great. For example, you can get an up-close look at paintings using AR without ever having to go to a gallery. It's so detailed that you can even look at the brushstrokes.
  • There's an AR app called Froggipedia that lets you dissect a virtual frog on the table.
  • I'm glad we are saving the frogs now.
  • Price of the new iPad: $329 for everyone, and $299 for students. Not a bad deal at all considering how powerful this thing is.
  • It's available today and will ship later this week.
  • Apple is going to release new versions of GarageBand and Clips today. Be on a lookout for that.
  • There's a feature called "Shared iPad" which Apple has announced today. It's exactly what you think and multiple users can be managed by teachers.
  • OK this one's pretty huge. Apple has bumped the 'free' iCloud storage for students to 200GB from 5GB.
  • It's all about the stylus, people.
  • Classroom is coming to the Mac. In beta, of course, in June.
  • Apple announces new Schoolwork app. Did the name give it away?
  • Schoolwork will be available in June.
  • It's strange how Apple wants everyone to use Clips in learning. But OK.
  • Wow, Apple is taking teacher development really seriously now. Microsoft and Google should definitely be worried. Better yet, join in to boost the cause!
  • Swift Playgrounds is available in 15 different languages and in 155 countries. It's never too late to start coding.
  • All right guys, that's a wrap. We will bring more updates to our readers if there are any, so stay tuned.