Apple is Potentially Working on its own Web-Based Universal Search Engine to Rival Google


According to a new report, Apple is potentially working on its own web-based search engine as the company is expanding Siri and Spotlight search results. Since Apple already has a search engine that bolsters Siri and Spotlight searches, the company might move away from the monetary arrangements it has with Google to be the iPhone's default search engine.

Apple Might Release its own Search Engine to Compete Against Google

Arguments made by Jon Henshaw on Thursday morning at CoyWolf suggests that it is no longer clear if Siri Suggestions use Google. Moreover, it looks like Spotlight Search is making a return instead of seeking results from alternative search engines. The report further suggests that Apple is heavily investing in search-related fields and the latest job postings by the company pertain to search-related engineers. Possibly due to COVID-19, the job listings for the field have decreased.

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There was also an update made to the 'Applebot' web crawler page for web developers in June. Henshaw suggests that the changes included the verification technique for the source of the traffic from Applebot. The company also provided details to differentiate between mobile and desktop searches. Henshaw also mentioned that the Applebot web crawler has been busy lately but that does not suggest that Apple is close enough to launch its own search engine.

If Apple does go ahead and builds its own search engine, it would have to forego billions of dollars per year that Google pays Apple to be its default browser. Henshaw notes that it is possible that the product may not see daylight at all as everything is based on observation and conjecture at this point.

Moreover, he also points out that it is also possible that iOS, iPadOS, and macOS users might still be using it without even realizing where the search results are coming from. It could be working in such a way, where it is receiving the results from Google and presenting them as Apple's own. Nonetheless, nothing can be said for sure right now as we don't have any official word from the company.

What do you think about the theory? Is Apple working to get its own search engine up and running? What are the impacts that can follow after the launch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.