Apple Suppliers Continue to Remain Cautious – Believe the iPhone XR Might Not Be a ‘Home Run’

Apple iPhone XR suppliers cautious

There are just three days left until pre-orders of the iPhone XR commence, and you’ll just have to wait around a week more when the sales actually begin. The highly anticipated iPhone XR has lots of reports and forecasts coming in that concern both, the budget-friendly 2018 Apple model and the company’s handset numbers as a whole. On one side, analysts claim that this particular variant is going to be the most popular one out of three announced during Apple’s keynote, while a different report stating that the tech giant’s suppliers are actually cautious for the future.

iPhone XR Already Gets Most of the High-End Features Belonging to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

While most analysts and industry gurus have given the green light towards a great sale of this $749 LCD-touting model, we do have some skeptics in the supply chain department that are still not sure about how great the iPhone XR will do once it is officially released in the market.

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DigiTimes has a mixed track record in terms of quoting inside information and industry gossip; according to it, quite a number of Taiwan-based suppliers that are engaged with Apply are still unsure about the orders for the new iPhone series for the rest of the year.

The caution could exist because of the weak demand and sale record of the already released iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Either way, companies like TSMC will most likely generate that is ‘lower than expected’ during in the fourth quarter. The leader of the global independent semiconductor foundry market is highly dependent on the success of Apple’s smartphones and tablets for its own success handling the making of the A12 chipset while also working towards the production of the next-generation A13.

Another big supplier of Apple, Largan Precision is concerned regarding current orders which will affect the October and November shipments of its camera lens components. Although it comes under shrewd practice that you’re worried about the future, it is still too early to make out anything of this situation. It is clear that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max failed to take the world by storm, which automatically places a lot of burden and expectations on iPhone XR to increase demand of iPhones around the globe.

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News Source: DigiTimes

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