Apple’s VP Greg Joswiak Calls iPhone X Notch ‘the Most Sophisticated Pieces of Technology’ – Defends Face ID Too


An edge-to-edge display on the iPhone X looks terrific, but it is very difficult to ignore that prominent notch on the flagship. While there are applications that are capable of obscuring it completely, Apple’s VP Greg Joswiak is actually taking the company’s side on this one.

While we’re not sure that his decision was due to his own opinion, or simply because of his employment affiliation with the tech giant, but he sure had some pleasant things to say about the notch and Face ID feature of the iPhone X.

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Joswiak defends Face ID on iPhone X - Says While Apple Was Not the First, the Company Managed to Perfect the Experience for Users

A long-form on Tom’s Guide quotes Joswiak on defending the notch on the iPhone X, as he states the following about the components present in that small area.

“With all of those components, this is one of the most densely packed technology areas I think we’ve ever done. It’s one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology we’ve ever done in such an incredibly small space.”

Joswiak also states that while Apple was not the first company to implement facial recognition on the iPhone X, the deal was to make it perform seamlessly and accurately.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re first to a general idea, it’s about being first to making it fantastic, and that’s what we try to do. Whether it’s the chip team working with our hardware team or our software team with our human interface team — it is one team here. No one else can match that […]

We had a line of sight on how to do real facial recognition, in a way never done before. It would be really hard to do, but we just didn’t want to do it the way others had, which could literally be spoofed with a picture.”

Remember, the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 come with a gamut of security features, including facial recognition. Unfortunately, Samsung did not think this one through, because something as minuscule as a photo is able to bypass the lock on all three phones.

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News Source: Tom’s Guide