Apple Reportedly Confident Its iPhones Could Become Indispensable Under Climate Change – Mixed Feelings From Other Companies Added


As our activities continue to ravage the environment, non-profit organizations have increased their efforts to rally for sustainability. One such organization is CPD, which is based in the UK and encourages cities and companies to disclose the environmental impact of large companies. The company recently asked a number of organizations to report on how climate change could affect them. One of the participants was Apple, and the company apparently thinks there is a silver lining to climate change.

Where Apple Thinks Its iPhone Business Might Benefit From Climate Change, Other Companies Do Not

Apple thinks that its iPhone business could benefit from the effects of severe climate change. The company believes that in testing times, consumers would be more reliant on their iPhones because of features such as weather predictions, flashlight, radio, and emergency contacts. In the future, users might be able to charge their devices on the go with car batteries and hand cranks, which mean they will not have to worry about their phones dying on them in times of need. Apple also thinks that its devices can provide first aid instructions.

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The report is not publicly available yet and Apple had not commented on it so far. However, the Cupertino giant did receive an ‘A’ rating from CDP, along with 29 other U.S. companies. It is not known if Apple talked about any potential downsides of climate change, but of course, there could be many such as damage to property from flooding and storms, along with killer heatwaves. The company is present at numerous at-risk places, such as Tokyo and San Francisco.

As for how green Apple is, the company is actively involved in projects to offset carbon emissions. It has shifted to renewable energy and has also been trying to reduce the harm done by its supply chain. Some observers say that its logistics are a source of pollution and given the nature of its business, Apple cannot make a profit without increasing resource consumption.

However, other technology giants like AT&T do not share the same opinion. The telecom behemoth thinks that frequent hurricanes and wildfires will force the company to spend more on repairs. Back in 2017, AT&T stated that disasters cost $627 million. Companies like Intel and Google did not comment on the latest development, so it cannot be said what they think of climate change.

News Source: Bloomberg

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