Samsung introduces accessories for the visually impaired

The electronics giant Samsung introduced new accessories for its Galaxy Core smartphone this Friday. These add-ons are aimed towards helping it's visually impaired users interact with their environment easily. According to a release on its press website, the accessories were designed after thorough research and in-depth interviews. These are a rare release which function an altruistic purpose by the Korean electronics giant.

The UltraSonic cover, Optical Scan Stand and Voice Label

New Features include detection of objects at a distance, scanning of documents and object distinction.

The first accessory is called the ultrasonic cover. This cover will be able to provide information about objects in the user's proximit. It will use ultrasonic frequency to gain information of its surrounding.This will provide the user with the ability to gain knowledge about obstacles and unknown environments. The cover will provide information about potential obstacles either through a vibration or a voice alert.

The second accessory introduced is called the optical scan stand. This stand positions the device horizontally above a printed material. The device will then automatically be able to differentiate between text and image and read the text out aloud to the user. The stand is equipped with a special sensor for paper. This sensor, upon detecting paper will automatically trigger the application on the phone, which will then proceed to read the text out loud to the user. According to Samsung, this feature has been designed keeping the solitude of users in mind.

The third and the final accessory that has been released is called the Voice Label. This enables users to distinguish objects from one another. It also allows them to make and record notes about different objects and tag such objects. It utilizes NFC technology, which enables smartphones and other devices to establish communication through proximity. According to Samsung, it will also allow users to use electronics with more ease through recording of voice notes.

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