Apple’s 6.1″ iPhone (iPhone 9) With LCD Display Will Be Thicker Than iPhone 8 Plus, Cost $750 Suggest Reports

iPhone 7 & iPhone 6s Are Available for a Dirt Cheap Price

Xiaomi's Mi8 launch marked the end of 2018's H1 flagship smartphone launches. It's been an eventful first half as Xiaomi and OnePlus looked to move up in the market. Samsung's Galaxy S9 lineup rode its customary hype train into launch but failed to maintain a strong market presence. LG and HTC, on the other hand, stuck to their strengths.

Now as it's time to look forward to H2, we've got three lineups on our radar. These are Google's Pixel, Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Note lineup. Samsung will take another iterative approach on the Galaxy Note and Google just might try its hand at parity with Apple's Face ID. Apple, on the other hand, is expected by a lot of sources to launch an iPhone 9, alongside 'S' variants of. the iPhone X.

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Apple Will Price The 2018 iPhone 9 Within The iPhone Plus' Price Range, Introduce An Edge To Edge Display With Face ID And A Single Rear Camera

Right now, the rumor mill believes that Apple will launch three new iPhones this year. After launching a $1000 iPhone last year to drive up Average Sales Price, the company will now try to expand its user base and encourage users with older iPhones to upgrade. It will achieve this via an iPhone that's a mix between the old and new.

Since the start of this year, sources (particularly Ming-Chi Kuo) are very optimistic about Apple's decision to launch an LCD iPhone with Face ID. Claims of the device dubbed as the iPhone 9 come in tandem with those of an iPhone SE 2 ( a mythical device that many expected would launch the day before yesterday on the WWDC).

Rumors of an LCD display are not the only ones floating around for the iPhone 9. A detailed render leak for the smartphone displays it from every angle, leaving no leaf unturned for its external design. Its source is generally on point and the information from it also matches Apple's expected design approach.


According to these images, Apple will combine its design approach on the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. The iPhone 9 is depicted with a single rear camera, with a rather wide coverb (although this can also be the artist's choice rather than an Apple specification). It's also relevant to note that the leak's source mentions the device as the 6.1" iPhone only and not the iPhone 9.

The device also measures 150.9x76.5x8.3mm. This makes it slightly thicker than the iPhone X. We've seen reports of Apple's decision to go for an external touch panel on the smartphone surface and this decision will likely contribute to the thickness increase. For comparison, the iPhone 8 Plus is 7.5mm thin.

In addition to the presence of older display technology on the 6.1" LCD iPhone, Apple's decision to launch the device with a lower price will also contribute to the increase in width, as it relates to external touch panels. These are cheaper than the ones found on Apple's current iPhones. The device will also feature thicker bezels when compared to its counterpart, the 6.5" OLED iPhone X(s) Plus. The last two images in the gallery below show both the devices.

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The device will have a starting price of around $650-700 according to two separate leaks from former KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The iPhone 9 will also feature a metal ack according to some sources, as Apple will remove wireless charging to compensate for a price decrease. Another feature that's not expected to make the cut it Force Touch - although we'll reserve our opinion on this bit for the time being.

Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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