iPhone 2018 Extensive Pricing Details Detailed by Ming-Chi Kuo – All Models Slated for September 2018 Launch With No Expected Delays


Apple received some blowback thanks to the expensive pricing of its 2017 flagship, the iPhone X. Regardless of the $999 price tag, the smartphone ended up being the most popular for the Q1 2018 period, revealing that even the high-pricing approach of the tech giant does not seem to have a deleterious impact on revenue generation.

Now, Ming-Chi Kuo returns with his view on the iPhone 2018 family related to its pricing strategy via his new firm going by the name of TF International Securities. His research note provides insight on what to expect from the lineup as far as release date and retail price are the primary subjects.

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iPhone X Plus to Cost Between $900-$100, Second-Gen iPhone X to Cost Between $800-$900 as a Cheaper Successor to the 2017 Flagship

The iPhone X successor is going to be slightly cheaper than the handset released back in 2017. Unfortunately, customers who want to purchase the iPhone X Plus, which is said to get a massive 6.5-inch OLED screen are not going to get any relief when acquiring the handset since they will need to pay a hefty premium for it.

As for the iPhone 9, the upcoming LCD-touting model that is expected to forego the 3D Touch display will have a price in the range $600-$700. Kuo has provided the following reasons behind Apple’s pricing strategy in a portion of his research note given below.

“We forecast that Apple will adopt a more aggressive price policy for the following reasons: (1) concern over the negative impact of a higher price in a mature smartphone market on selling momentum, (2) improved cost structure, which is mainly attributed to assembly yield improvements of end product & 3D sensing and cost reduction of components, and (3) increasing users of Face ID benefiting the promotion of the Apple service and ecosystem.”

A previous rumor reporting of ours detailed that the LCD version of the iPhone was going to be delayed due to production problems, but Kuo is of the opposite opinion, claiming that all three models are going to see a September 2018 announcement, with all three variants expected to go on sale shortly after.

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News Source: MacRumors