Microsoft Executive Regards iPad Pro as Apple’s Response to Microsoft Surface

Zara Ali
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Looks like Apple should thank Microsoft for the new iPad Pro. Don't think so?

Well, Microsoft executive Ryan Gavin believes that Apple's iPad Pro was the company's response to Microsoft's Surface devices. Gavin says that the iPad Pro is a "clear example" of Apple following Microsoft's streak into 2-in-1 devices.

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In a tete-a-tete with Business Insider, Gavin said,"When Surface initially launched, everyone was skeptical, including them. And then they followed, and the iPad Pro is a clear example of that". Gavin is the general manager for Surface devices at Microsoft.

Apple's new iPad Pro is good, but it can't be seen as a major upgrade over previous iPads. The additional features and accessories like Apple Pencil, ProMotion display, Smart Connector, and stereo speakers - these all are not some revolutionary additions to the lineup. These are the mundane features that are being included on many new devices. However, Microsoft executive claims that these features are a copy of what Microsoft has been doing with the Surface devices.

Gavin also went on claiming that Microsoft never looks at Apple for any inspiration. “We don’t really look at Apple,”  he said. Gavin says that if Microsoft followed Apple, then it wouldn't have been able to come out with devices like the Surface Pro and the Surface Book that come with detachable displays offering the 2-in-1 functionality of a laptop and tablet.

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Gavin's point makes sense as Apple has been pretty reluctant in coming up with a 2-in-1 ultraportable device. The company did come up with the new iPad Pro with some functionalities of a 2-in-1 product, but it doesn’t run desktop software like the Surface devices. We would absolutely love to see a Surface-like device from Apple that runs macOS and doubles up like a tablet and laptop.

Having said that, we don't really see the iPad Pro as a response to Microsoft's Surface. The additional upgrades on the iPad Pro are some regular elements that Apple is capable of coming up with on its own. Also, the iPad Pro is a fairly different device than the Surface, both of them serve different purposes altogether.

Yes, Apple's marketing strategy for the iPad Pro is similar to Microsoft's Surface. Both of them market their device as the one that can serve as an alternative to a full blown laptop. Admittedly, Microsoft does a better job on that with a full version of Windows 10 on Surface devices along with a trackpad and USB connectivity.

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