5G-Ready iPad Pro Reportedly in the Works With mmWave Support to Deliver Unprecedented Speeds

iPad Pro 5G Reportedly in the Works; High-Speed mmWave Support Rumored

More iPad Pro 5G rumors have started to gain traction, with the latest one detailing support for the ultra-fast mmWave bands. Just how early can we expect this slate? Read on more to find out.

ASE Rumored to Provide Antenna-in Package Tech for the iPad Pro 5G

Though the entire report is behind a paywall, MacRumors reports that ASE (Advanced Semiconductor Engineering), Apple’s supplier hailing from Taiwan will be providing antenna-in package technology for both the iPad Pro 5G, as well as the iPhone 12 lineup that’s reportedly arriving later this year. The report actually doesn’t specify if the upcoming iPad will be the ‘Pro’ model but since 5G modems are an expensive component and currently only found in more expensive devices, it’s highly likely that Apple will want it inside its more powerful tablets first.

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Unfortunately, the iPad Pro 5G launch wasn’t specified in this DigiTimes report, but that doesn’t mean other outlets haven’t talked about it. This includes the new iPad Pro to feature a foldable form factor and would take on a foldable version of the next-generation of Surface computers while touting a 5G modem too. At the earliest, Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the iPad Pro 5G version would arrive in 2021, so those expecting the upgrade this year will be sorely disappointed.

When it comes to specifications, a separate report claims that the iPad Pro would not just feature a foldable form factor, but its display size would be equivalent to Apple’s MacBook, giving users incredible screen real estate. As for the lack of sub-6GHz support, the iPad Pro supporting mmWave bands means that Apple will most likely target those regions where 5G rollout has been aggressive thus far. This will include the U.S., UK, Korea, China, and others. The only downside to being connected to a mmWave network is its poor range, but you do get to experience unprecedented download and upload speeds compared to a sub-6GHz network.

Of course, if you wish to know more about the 5G standard, you can always check out our in-depth explanatory article on how the technology works and how future iPad Pro users will benefit from it. Until then, continue following us and we’ll be back with more updates on Apple’s future tablets.

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