Apple Introduced 50% Discount For New Apple Music Student Membership


Apple has announced a new membership option for Apple Music, which is centered towards students. The new Apple Music student membership option allows subscribers to get a 50 percent discount on the standard per person price. This means that students would be charged $4.99 per month for all of Apple Music's services. However, you must be enrolled in an eligible university or college that meets the criteria.

Apple Music Student Membership Will Offer A 50 Percent Discount For Students

Another major aspect about this option is that it is not restricted to the United States alone, but students of U.K, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand can also take advantage of the 50 percent discount plan. This is definitely a positive step taken by Apple, letting students pay half for the same services. According to a report from TechCrunch:

“The cost reduction will be available for up to four years following sign-up, and those years don’t have to be continuous,” adds the report. “In other words, a student who takes breaks in between semesters can still sign up for a student membership when they return to school.”

Apple's new plan for the students will be available for four years once they sign up. Moreover, there are no restrictions on breaks between semesters, which means that students can still enjoy the music streaming service even if they are between their semester breaks. As the new plan is oriented towards students, those who are enrolled in a Master's program can also make use of the offer. Basically, anyone attending college or university can subscribe.

Since the pricing varies from market to market, the membership cost ma vary. Nonetheless, every market is bound to offer a 50 percent discount on the standard subscription fee. So no matter what the price is, it will be cut down to half in the Apple Music student membership plan.

Apple is working with a student verification company, UNiDAY to verify the students enrolled in college or universities. The company will simply ensure whether the students opting for the offer are eligible or not. Apple's move to offer a 50 percent discount for students on the standard subscription fee will make sure the music streaming service attracts more subscribers. With Apple's 13 million subscribers and Spotify's 30 million subscribers, the Cupertino camp has a long way to go.

The announcement on the new Apple Music student membership came in the amid of the news that Apple Music is getting a makeover at this year's WWDC. This could mean that Apple is working really hard to get the numbers up and directly compete against the giants of the industry.

What do you think about this? How well do you think Apple's discount offer for students will attract potential subscribers? Share your views in the comments.