Apple Rumored to Use in-Hole Display Technology for Its 2020 iPhone Lineup, According to Tipster


Manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei have adopted the in-hole display technology to maximize the smartphone’s screen-to-body ratio. Apple has also been rumored to use the same display when it launches its 2020 iPhone lineup. To recap, the company introduced a design overhaul last year.

The technology behemoth eliminated the home button and introduced an all-screen iPhone X back in 2017 sporting an edge-to-edge display and a notch at the top to house the TrueDepth camera components. For now, it looks like the California-based giant will continue using that notch but we can see a future where iPhones will continue to use a screen with just a camera cutout at the front.

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According to tipster Ice Universe, the 2019 iPhone family will continue using a notch but as far as he knows, the 2020 series will be different. While one could argue that Apple is late to adopt the latest design trends such as the in-hole display technology, the company could be waiting for these display forms to mature in the market.

Additionally, using an OLED screen for its more premium models with an in-hole camera cutout appears to be a costly manufacturing process, so Apple might have several suppliers on board, including Samsung that will be willing to produce ample quantities of such displays, and that too with an immaculate design.

What’s interesting to note is that Apple is also reported to launch 5G-ready iPhones in 2020. A rumor states that Apple is not pleased with Intel’s progress on its 5G baseband chips, with Apple also expected to launch its in-house modem in the future. Once more, the company’s competitors will launch 5G-ready flagships in 2019, but Apple might be playing it smart here and here’s why. Industry watchers have warned customers that immediate benefits of purchasing 5G-ready smartphones in 2019 will not be seen.

Instead, customers will witness blazing fast connectivity speeds during 2020 as this is the time during which the majority of the 5G equipment loadout will be complete. One model launching in 2019 could have a triple rear camera setup, and who knows, Apple might incorporate a quadruple camera system for 2020 if needed. What other changes are you expecting from the 2020 iPhone series? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Ice Universe)