Apple Once Again Reported to Make in-House Cellular iPhone Modems, According to New Job Listing

Apple in house cellular modems new job listing

Although this year’s iPhones do not use any component sourced from Qualcomm, the latter is an undisputed leader when it comes to modem chips. The Cupertino giant has switched to Intel, but various reports have pointed out that Intel’s chips have nothing on Qualcomm’s modem when it comes to performance and reliability. As the bitter legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm shows no sign of easing up, Apple is apparently planning to take the matter in its own hands.

Apple Is Looking for a Cellular Modem Systems Architect, According to Latest Job Listing Details

Apple has been toying with the idea of expanding its development of custom chips since a while now. Reports emerged last month that the company is trying to lure employees away from Qualcomm so they can work on its custom radio silicon. According to the latest report, Apple has put up a job listing that confirms that the company is indeed working on a custom cellular modem.

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After the job listing, it is clear that Apple wants to be in charge of one of the most expensive and complicated hardware component in its iPhones. Apparently, the company is trying to find a cellular modem systems architect for its San Diego office.

Insiders have confirmed that an in-house cellular modem chip is an active project indeed. However, the project can take a long time and we may not see a home-brewed modem in an iPhone until three years. This will enable the California-based giant to reduce its reliance on third-party manufacturers and increase the quality of modems. Moreover, in-house modems will be easier to integrate with other Apple devices. Earlier reports had pointed out that the company might introduce its custom silicon in its Macs by 2020.

With the launch of its custom iPhone modems, Apple will not have to rely on the likes of Intel and MediaTek, saving more costs in the process. However, it is going to be a long time before the technology giant provides a solution of its own. What do you think of the company’s plan? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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