Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Failing to Include Dust Filters in iMacs and MacBooks, Leading to Performance Issues


Apple might be headed back to the court soon, as a new class action lawsuit claims that the company’s failure to install vent filters on iMacs and MacBooks has led to slower processor speeds and display smudges because of the dust that got trapped inside, prompting users to spend a hefty amount on repairs. The class action lawsuit has been filed by Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, a law firm which has taken Apple to court before as well.

The Law Firm Wants Apple to Provide Monetary Compensation to the Affected Users - Display Problems Were Also Mentioned in the Lawsuit

Hagens Berman alleges that despite being the most valuable company in the world today, Apple failed to address the known problem of dust accumulation by not including dust filters in its iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models. The firm wants to hold the Cupertino giant accountable for this costly defect. Apparently, users have noticed their devices slowing down excessively and many also saw spots on the inside of the display of their computer because of the missing vent.

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Per Hagens Berman, when a computer intakes air to cool itself down, dust gets settled inside because there are no filters installed. This impacts the logic board and the display of the machine, causing dust to stick to the screen and motherboards, and this slows down the computer and also causes it to overheat sometimes. The law firm also says that instead of rectifying this error, Apple forces customers to pay more than $500 in repair bills to fix the display defect and the amount increases further if they want to replace parts that are key to the computer’s performance.

The class action suit wants Apple to reimburse users affected by the problem for the repair costs and to compensate them for displays that did not perform as advertised.  The firm is representing several plaintiffs, including an iMac owner who noticed dark spots on the screen of his new machine soon after purchasing it and had to get his motherboard and screen replaced several times.

As a reminder, you should perform routine maintenance procedures on your expensive Apple-branded machines. Dust and heat is the number one killer of electronics, and you’d do well to invest in a portable leaf blower or compressed air to blow out the dust. If you wish, you can carry out this operation once a month, but this will depend on where you live. After the dust has been removed from your system, you will feel a lot better about your machine.

News Source: Hagens Berman