Apple HDTV Rumors Resurface, Might Release In 2014


We have had our fair share of Apple HDTV rumors. This elusive product has been in the news for quite some time now. Analysts are certain that prototypes of a full fledged HDTV set have been created by Apple and that we can see them being announced in the coming year. However almost every other week there's an entirely contradicting report coming out which puts all previous rumors to rest.

This week according to a new rumor, Apple is testing its HDTV sets currently. The company does not plan on releasing them in 2013, however they will possibly be released in 2014.

Apple HDTV Rumors

The global television market contains many major players. Regardless of that these major players have not been able to innovate as much as could have been done in this day and change. Apple hopes to reintroduce the entire concept of a television with its Apple HDTV. According to previous Apple HDTV rumors, these sets will sync with other Apple devices and will also feature Siri support, apart from breathtaking design that Apple is famous for.

If all of the Apple HDTV rumors we have heard up till now are anything to go by, we know that these television sets will definitely not be cheap. According to numerous rumors, Apple may price its HDTV sets upwards of $1500. As compared to conventional HDTV sets which are flooded in the market they are very expensive. Hopefully they will have a unique selling point that others are missing.

Focus Taiwan reports today that Apple is testing some of its HDTV prototypes at Hon Hai Precision Manufacturing, which is one of its manufacturing partners in the region. According to their source, there are several designs and the screen sizes range from 46 inches to 55 inches. The same source also adds that Apple HDTV will probably be ready for public release some time in 2014.

For all we know, next week we might be subjected to other Apple HDTV rumors. The company is tight-lipped about this product and there exists a possibility that it may never materialize at all. Until Apple itself makes an official statement, we can't be too sure about anything related to the Apple HDTV.