Apple Had a ‘Double Agent’ to Uncover Leakers But Remained Unrecognized


A member of the iPhone leaks and jailbreaking community was serving as a secret "double agent" for Apple for more than a year. The member provided Apple with details regarding company information and leaks. However, he said that Apple did not recognize his efforts. Scroll down to read more details on the scenario.

Apple's Secret Double Agent Provided Apple With Potential Leads But Apple Did Not Recognize His Efforts

The report from Motherboard claims that Andrey Shumeyko, known as "YRH04E" online, marketed internal Apple details and stolen devices for sale on platforms such as Discord and Twitter. In addition, other members of the community were unfamiliar with his secret. Shumeyko acting as the "Double Agent" provided Apple's Global Security team with secret information which could allow the company to track down leaks and people responsible for them.

At Least One iPhone 14 Model Will be Delayed by Three Weeks Due to China Lockdown

Last year in May, a pre-released version of iOS 14 was leaked online. The report claims that the so-called Double Agent notified Apple with information pertaining to the individual who planned the leak by stealing an iPhone 11. The prototype device was running an early development build of iOS 14 which was intended for internal use. The software was supposed to be announced alongside the iPhone 12 release.

Apple Double Agent Leaker

Other than this, the "Double Agent" also informed Apple about a lead in the summer of 2020. He alerted Apple that he was in contact with an Apple employee in Germany who was working on Apple Maps. The Apple employee was offering to sell his access to Apple's internal Apple account. The account could be used to gain access to the company's corporate emails and other material on the company's intraweb. While Shumeyko was in contact with the Apple employee in Germany, he was later fired.

"I just wanted to be heard for once, and the story I tell to be truthful,"

The crux of the story is that Shumeyko was going that he would be recognized for his efforts from Apple. He also hoped that Apple would offer financial rewards for his cooperation to the scene. He repeatedly asked Apple for a reward of some sort but the company did not. The so-called 'Double Agent" stated that he felt as if he was taken advantage of by Apple. He also states that now that his secret role as a "double agent" has been revealed, he does not care what people would think of him.

This is all there is to it, folks. What are your thoughts on the double agent? Should Apple reward its efforts? Let us know in the comments.