Apple Confirms That the First iPhones ‘Made in India’ Are Coming This Month

Omar Sohail

Earlier this year, Apple was rumored to start mass production of select models of its iPhones in India and had contracted the services of Taiwanese manufacturer Winstron to carry out assembly operations in the city of Bangalore. Turns out that the objective was carried out to completion and the first iPhones manufactured in India are going to be arriving this month.

Initial Rollout of the iPhone SE Will Take Place in the Country – Not Been Confirmed if the Local Pricing Will Be Affected or Not

The iPhone SE will be rolled out imminently in India, but it has yet to be confirmed if this is going to have an impact on the local pricing of the same model, as well as later versions to follow. We’re under the impression that the iPhone SE will be released first since it goes easy for a one-handed use and also features internals that will rival that of iPhone 6s.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, India’s consumers are encouraged by cheaper smartphone price tags and if the initial rollout of iPhones is accompanied by that cheaper price, then it will enable a higher momentum of sales for the local populace.

The iPhone SE is not going to be the only model released because sources close to the matter have stated that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are also in cue to get produced.

There has been little information provided on the remaining models, but we feel that to encourage iPhone growth in the country, certain measures are going to be taken to make sure that newer models are also produced, possibly in a smaller quantity.

All eyes are currently set on the iPhone 8 and the feature-enriched portfolio it is set to bring to the table when it announces during the month of September.

Still, releasing locally manufactured phones is a great step for India as it will bring iPhone growth in the region and encourage employment as well.

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