Apple CEO Tim Cook Will Not Adopt RCS Messaging, Suggests to ‘Buy Your Mom an iPhone’

Apple CEO Tim Cook Will Not Adopt RCS Messaging, Suggests to ‘Buy Your Mom an iPhone’

On the subject of bringing RCS messaging to iPhones, Apple CEO Tim Cook dismissed the idea of bringing support to iMessage, claiming that users are not asking for it. His decision does reveal that Android handsets are not as high of a priority for the executive as people would like.

After Someone asked Cook That He Could not Send Videos to His Mom, the Apple CEO Gave a Response That Was Likely in the Best Interest of the Company

Taking questions at Vox Media’s Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California, The Verge reports the response that Tim Cook gave to the audience regarding bringing RCS messaging support to iPhones.

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“I don't hear our users asking that we put a lot of energy on that, on this point. I would love to convert you to iPhone.”

When the CEO was thrown a question by an iPhone user complaining that he could not send videos to his mother, Cook gave a fitting response.

“Buy your mom an iPhone.”

Google continues to push Apple to adopt RCS, a standard that will bring encryption and other modern features to the table that traditional SMS messaging cannot provide. Unfortunately, with Apple’s stance unmoved and the lack of interoperability existing between iMessage RCS, iPhone owners will continue to see green bubbles when sending a text to someone using an Android smartphone. Assuming that Google and Apple find a way to bring compatibility, it can allow higher-quality images and videos to be sent.

Apple has not shied away from being a figure of controversy, and though it will continue to receive criticism for failing to bring RCS messaging support, for the time being, we will not see both standards communicate with each other. Another area where the iPhone giant is likely receiving a ton of flak for is removing physical SIM card support from the latest iPhone 14 lineup, at least in the U.S., so this is not the last we have seen Apple in a less than stellar spotlight.

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