Apple Car Concept Teaser Will Make You Drool – Video


Rumors regarding Apple making its own car have picked up pace lately, but at this point in time it's unclear what the vehicle would look like, other than the fact that it will be electric and autonomous. While we do not have any real look at the car, but concept designers are doing all they can to envision what Cupertino might have in store.

Apple Car

One designer managed to conjure up a wonderful teaser ad for the elusive Apple Car, giving us a glimpse of Cupertino's design plans. While we're sure this particular teaser bears no resemblance to the real thing whenever it comes out, nonetheless it's a great watch, and we urge everyone to check it out.

Staying true to the rumors, the teaser ad envisions the car to be available in 2020, just four years from now. And from the looks of it, it appears as though the vehicle is going to be jam packed with a bunch of great features, especially those pertaining to traffic. Nonetheless, it looks great, and it really makes us wish it was the real deal straight from Apple.

The current electric car landscape is ruled by Tesla, with Google also working day and night to make sure that it has a large enough footprint to put the competition into trouble. While the Big G has made some serious strides in the electric / autonomous car arena, but the company hasn't given a product in the hands of consumers just yet, signaling towards the fact that we might not see driverless vehicles any time soon. Granted, it's a huge risk to put a driverless vehicle on the road, given the fact who will be held responsible in case something goes wrong, but the truth is: everyone wants a piece of the self-driving car pie. Apple on the other hand is rumored to be making a vehicle that drives by itself and is absolutely electric, which means the car runs on clean energy, just like Tesla and Google.

It will be interesting to see how the landscape changes in the automobile industry whenever Apple puts its wheels on the road. But for now, it's a pure rumor that the company is working on a vehicle of its own, and it will be quite a lot of months until we get a material glimpse of Apple's plans.

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