Apple’s AR Headset Launch To Happen Before The Company’s WWDC Keynote

Omar Sohail
Apple AR headset
Apple AR headset concept / Image Credits - Antonio De Rosa

The AR headset development journey has been far from perfect for Apple, with the device said to experience launch delays due to software-related issues. With mass production now reportedly happening in March 2023, we have received an update stating that the head-mounted wearable will be unveiled before Apple’s WWDC keynote kicks off.

With WWDC expected to kick off in the first or second week of June, Apple’s AR headset could see an unveiling in May or earlier

Apple had plans to introduce its AR headset to the masses in January 2023 and ship it to customers later. However, due to continuous setbacks, that plan could not come to fruition, but thankfully, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes in his Power On newsletter on an update that he has received concerning the device’s potential launch timeline, which is given below.

“The final postponement, at least for the moment, happened last year. Up until fairly recently, Apple had aimed to introduce the headset in January 2023 and ship it later this year. Now the company is aiming to unveil it this spring ahead of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, I’m told.”


Another Apple AR headset concept

For those that do not know, Spring in the U.S. is expected to commence in late March and end in late June. Given that Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote may start in the first or second week of June, there is a possibility that the company will unveil the AR headset in May. The WWDC event may be held to showcase more features from the company’s dedicated operating system for the mixed-reality headset, which will reportedly be called xrOS.

Pricing was not a topic that the Bloomberg reporter decided to tackle, but Gurman previously predicted that since this will be a high-end consumer device, we should expect it to cost between $2,000 and $3,000. We also believe that for its initial shipment run, Apple will only mass produce a limited quantity of the headset, monitoring how the consumer market reacts to an expensive piece of tech, especially in a slowing economy. Assuming it does well, we will update our readers, so stay tuned for more.

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