Apple AR Headset Gets a New Operating System Name, Will Reportedly Be Called ‘xrOS’

Omar Sohail
Apple AR Headset Gets a New Operating System Name, Will Reportedly Be Called xrOS

Apple is expected to launch its first AR headset in the new year and has developed a new operating system that will be called xrOS, according to the latest report. Earlier, it was revealed that the company would choose the term ‘realityOS’ to identify the operating system, but it appears that as the unveiling date draws nearer, certain aspects of the head-mounted wearable have changed.

New xrOS for the Apple AR Headset Will Have Newly Designed Apps Intended To Deliver a Fresher Experience to the Wearer

Work on the AR headset has ramped up, according to a new Bloomberg report, with one change expected in the operating system name, which is xrOS. The change was introduced recently, with people familiar with Apple’s plans stating that the technology giant is expected to launch the product early next year. Since the ambitious project continues to progress under watchful eyes, limited information is currently available.

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However, one reason Apple did set a name change to xrOS was so that users could identify the kind of content that could be projected through the AR headset. The letters ‘XR’ stand for extended reality and suggest that the device would be able to run mixed reality content, which includes augmented and virtual. Augmented reality will provide graphical information in real-time on to your surroundings, while virtual reality brings an entire experience onto the display mounted in front of you.

Given that mixed reality content is expected to be taxing, the AR headset is expected to be lightweight but powerful. In addition, dedicated apps that deliver a new experience will also be available for users. These will range from variations of existing apps like Maps and Messages, with content expected to be displayed on the visor of the AR headset. Apple is also developing a third-party software development kit, so new apps can eventually be downloaded and used for xrOS.

Unfortunately, Bloomberg has not provided a concrete launch timeline for the AR headset, so while we assume that an unveiling will happen next year, we should not expect too much since this is Apple’s first attempt, and a lot can go wrong.

News Source: Bloomberg

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