Apple AR Glasses to Launch in 2021 – Expected to Become a ‘Home Run’ Success During the First Year of Launch


The iPhone is one of the most popular creations of Apple and the field of AR could provide the next breakthrough from the company. According to Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster, Apple is planning to launch its augmented reality glasses in 2021, which we will be referring to as AR Glasses for now. Their launch expected to take place a year after the rumored foldable iPhone is going to materialize in 2020, and according to the analyst, the wearable is expected to be a very successful launch.

Muster Believes That Apple AR Glasses Will Surpass the 10 Million Unit Mark During the First Year of Its Launch

Apple’s interest in AR is not a new discovery nothing new. The company has already introduced the ARKit and has also utilized the augmented reality optical technology in iPhone X. Apple also took over Senso Motoric Instruments (SMI), a company that specializes in eye tracking technology.

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The report says that Apple has divided its augmented reality strategy into three phases. First, 2 to 3 new iPhones will be launched with advanced optics for AR, like those seen on the iPhone X. Second, developers will start making apps using the ARKit. Last but certainly not least, Apple will release the glasses in 2021. Loup Ventures had previously predicted that the AR Glasses will be launched in 2020.

The company has changed its predictions according to the conversations it had with several AR experts. Basically, the technology is still largely in the developmental stage and it will take time for it to become mainstream. Munster also said that early adoption for AR devices may be low because of the skepticism surrounding such devices because of their built-in cameras.

However, Munster hopes that people’s perceptions would change and states that the adoption of such wearables will increase after people realize that the utility of AR devices offsets the skepticism. By 2023, AR wearables, Apple Watch, and AirPods are expected to generate a revenue of more than $71 billion.

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News Source: MyDrivers