Apple AirTags Get Mentioned in New Support Video; Content Gets Removed but Not Without Showing Evidence


Apple is widely expected to launch a tracking device called AirTags and although the company hasn’t formally announced the product yet, it has accidentally acknowledged that it does exist. In a video, which has since been removed, the Cupertino giant has clearly mentioned the rumored Tile like item tracker.

According to reports, the tracker will also integrate with the Find My App and the video corroborates that. The video was titled ‘How to erase your iPhone’ and it was uploaded on the company’s YouTube channel. However, Apple has seemingly realized the blunder and the video has been taken off. Of course, it was too late, and we now know some details regarding the accessory.

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The video indicates that it will be possible to find AirTags even when they aren’t connected to Wi-Fi or data. The accessory has been mentioned in settings, in case you were wondering. As stated before, it is believed that AirTags will help people track their items and they will presumably be able to use iOS 13’s offline features to enable signal detection without an internet connection. This will be made possible with the use of ultra-wideband radio technology if rumors are to go by, as it can pinpoint the exact location of an item.

Form wise, they are expected to look like circular discs and will reportedly be powered by the UWB U1 chips. It is being speculated that users will be notified when a tagged item moves too far away and the AirTag will even be able to make a noise to alert users that an item has been lost. It is also being said that the iPhone and iPads will use an augmented reality interface to help users look for missing stuff.

Apple was previously expected to announce AirTags during the first half of the year but as things stand now, they might get delayed.

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News Source: Appleosophy