Apple AirPods Have Started to Ship to Consumers Living in the US


After delays, followed by more delays, Apple’s AirPods were finally up for grabs, but in limited stock. Consumers who managed to swiftly order the Bluetooth set of earpieces are going to be very happy to hear the good news that the pair has started to ship to US-based customers.

Shipping Dates for Apple AirPods Still Vary for Some – Earliest Arrival Date Is December 20

Apple AirPods had gone up on order on Tuesday, and are now marked as shipped for customers living in the U.S. However, after being updated that their AirPods are going to be delayed by 4-6 weeks, another circle of disappointment appeared. However, on a Reddit thread, customers are sharing their experience that the order status of their AirPods has been updated to ‘shipped’, suggesting that the earliest date that they will receive them is December 20 or December 21. Keep in mind that once you start using these, these miniature earpieces are very easy to get lost and there is no indicator of finding your lost AirPod the same you receive your iPhone.

The next thing that comes up is the Apple’s Service Pricing page, and you will notice the details regarding the AirPods’ battery replacement pricing, but to clear up all the confusion, here is how everything will work. Apple is going to be charging $49 to replace the battery of the AirPods if they are not covered under warranty. If they are covered under warranty, then you will not be required to pay a single dime.

However, you should be informed that while Apple does provide free battery replacements for these products, it will not provide free servicing for the eventual wear and tear of the AirPods, which is bound to happen should you continue to use them on a daily basis.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that Apple is going to be charging you per AirPod, so don’t get carried away thinking that the company’s service department isn’t going to be minting money from providing you with stellar service without getting their cash. If you are still interested in purchasing these pair of AirPods, then you can get them for the price of $159.