Gold Brown Samsung S4 Hands On – Live Pictures

Sohaib Ahmad

Samsung on 25th September announced that it will launch a "gold" edition of it's current reigning flagship. The Phone will reportedly come in two flavors, gold-pink and gold-brown. Sammyhub got hold of a gold S4 and took it out for a photo session. Here are the pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Live Pictures


The specification of the Galaxy S4 are widely known. It has a snapdragon 600 chipset coupled with 2GB of Ram and 13MP camera, for more specs : Click here. Another variant of the Galaxy S4 has an Exynos chipset, an octa core chipset with 4x Cortex A-15's and 4x Cortex A-7's working in tandem, More specs.

About the Gold Brown edition, the sides only are of Gold color as you can see in the pictures, the front and the black are of brownish color. This is a good contrast, although we cannot be judgmental on color related issues. The true colors of the device are not very apparent due to a mediocre mobile camera being used.

A Customized S4 By "GoldGenie"

Ironically Samsung launched the Pink,Brown-Gold S4 after Apple had announced it's Golden iPhone 5s on 10th September. Although Samsung later released a dubious statement claiming the Gold phones had arrived in shops on 8th September, the PR damage had been done. All in all, these color choices are lovely.

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