Chip Developers Speed Up 64 bit Integration


Big Chip manufacturers are reportedly increasing their efforts to release their 64 bit offerings early next year. Instead of Apple other major chip manufacturers like Nvidia, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Mediatek have not integrated the 64 bit ARMv8 architecture into their SOC's yet. MediaTek will be focusing on its octa-core project while pushing its 8 core SOC's like the MTK6592 into mid-range and its cheaper alternatives into cheap Chinese phones.

Chip Developers To Release 64 bit chips early next year

Although the MediaTek 8 core is a formidable device with impressive raw power, big players in the silicon business are instead focusing on a bigger problem, the Apple A7 SOC. Current quad cores and even octa cores are no match with the A7 when it comes to power and efficiency, highlighting the importance of the next level ARM architecture.

Instead of focusing on adding more cores and increasing the power envelope, the viable solution is the shift to the new v8 architecture. Ironically the new Snapdragon 805 does not use the ARM v8.


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Optimization is needed on both the software and hardware front, the iPhone 5s's A7 chipset provides superior performance while constrained by a 1560 mAh battery and just two cores. Processing power will increase over time, the time for considering 'efficiency' and 'power consumption'  has arrived. What would u want, raw power or better battery life? or better yet a balance of the two.

An Overview of upcoming 64 bit chips.