Three New MacBook Models Already Registered in Eurasia Before the Apple Event

MacBook Pro 2016

Even before the grand unveiling of Apple’s MacBook family, the new models have been listed on a Russian-language regulatory filing, in the Eurasian Economic Commission database and will undoubtedly be running Apple’s macOS Sierra operating system update.

Apple Will Introduce Three New MacBook Models – Company Said to Replace Traditional USB Ports With Type-C USB Ports

Apple is said to be announcing a 13-inch MacBook, which could serve to improve the current MacBook lineup, which right now just includes a 12-inch model. Perhaps this time, we could see more than just a single Type-C USB port, since that will grant more flexibility to users. One port could be used for charging purposes while using the second one, you can attach a different accessory and plug in multiple peripherals and accessories for better productivity.

Additionally, the tech giant is also going to be announcing the 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch Retina MacBook Pro models, and both of them are going to feature the highly anticipated OLED function row. According to a trademark filing, it is referred to as the Magic Toolbar, and it is possible that it will replace the function keys row that you have seen on MacBook models for a very long time.

It is expected that these machines will also come with Type-C USB ports, but Apple might get rid of traditional USB ports, which will bring some complications to users who have a collection of USB-connected peripherals in possession. Unfortunately, from all of these models, there was no MacBook Air model included. This could mean that the tech giant will finally be getting rid of this lineup once and for all. Earlier, we decided to take a poll of whether or not Apple should get rid of its 11.6-inch MacBook Air, and it looks like the majority of voters were in favor of our discussion.

However, the disappointing elements of this announcement will be the absence of a new iMac. It has also been stated that a new external 5K display with an integrated display is going to be appearing in 2017, so you’re going to have to be patient for that. Still, getting an ‘all MacBook’ announcement is not bad at all, since fewer products will mean that Apple will have more time to point out their new features and of course their primary selling points.

Even IBM stated that investing in a Mac is far more cost effective than owning a PC, and business users who are looking to purchase notebooks for the long haul could look into the latest MacBook models.


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