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Apple Trademark Filing Reveals That OLED Display Strip Will Be Called Magic Toolbar


The Apple Magic Toolbar definitely looks to be real and we can’t wait to see how it will function when the company officially announces the new lineup of MacBook Pro and Air on October 27. In my opinion, the name ‘Magic’ does not feel like a coincidence at all, and you will find that out shortly.

MacBook Pro Expected to Feature the Magic Toolbar Feature When Its Officially Unveiled on October 27

Why do I think the term ‘Magic’ in Magic Toolbar isn’t a coincidence? Well, because Apple already has trademarks for the following products:

  • Magic Keyboard
  • Magic Mouse
  • Magic Slate
  • Magic Trackpad

Looking at the previous trademarks, I am under the impression that Apple would be doing everything in its power to make sure that the term ‘Magic’ is not used anywhere else. However, the trademark filings do not mention the company’s name at all. According to The Trademark Ninja, the company spent over €16,000, or $17,550 in filing fees, and that’s a lot of money just for filing a trademark. Apple, the most valuable company in the world has a ton of liquid capital at its disposal to make such a transaction.

Though Presto Apps America LLC has been listed in the trademark filing, I am going to go all out and say that this company belongs to Apple, given the above-stated facts. One more thing that we would like to mention while sifting through The Trademark Ninja is that the lawyers that applied for Magic Toolbar are the same ones that applied for Airpods not too long. Apple’s representatives have been attempted to be contacted in this regard, but it’s clear that they probably don’t want to divulge any useful information on the matter.

Still, there’s no way to confirm that Presto Apps America LLC is actually Apple, but if the company calls up the ‘Magic Toolbar’ name at its official announcement, then we will definitely keep that name remembered for future references. However, it is possible that the company will hide its tracks and will attempt to use a different company’s name for trademark filing purposes, but now that you have the facts in front of you, what are your thoughts on the matter?