App Store Outage Renders Users Unable to Download Apps on iOS and Mac

From last half an hour, Apple App Store is experiencing an outage in many regions with users reporting receiving many errors. From not finishing the download to unable to download any new ones, users are reporting a plethora of inaccessibility issues with the App store errors

App Store inaccessible:

While this doesn't happen very often, whenever App Store services go out of accessibility, users face a ton of problems considering downloads come to a complete halt. In today's reports, users are unable to access the App Store on both the iOS and Mac devices. 9to5mac reports that the outage started getting complaints and reports around 6:30 AM PST. The Apple system status update page hasn't yet been updated and is still showing the all good, green sign.

App Store is currently experiencing errors where apps do not finish downloading (or updating). Some users are reporting obtuse error messages, like the one above, whereas others are simply left with paused downloads on their iOS and Mac devices.

Availability likely varies by App Store region, but Twitter reports of App Store issues started around 6.30 Pacific Time. The problems are sporadic and do not necessarily arise on every device, but have been seen to occur across operating system versions: it is not limited to iOS 8 and Yosemite (which is still in beta)

Let us know if you too are experiencing the inaccessibility problems with Apple Store. We would be updating the post as the issue is resolved.

Source: 9to5mac

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