Apex Legends Update Tweaks Catalyst and Broken Moon Map, Winter Express LTM Returns

Nathan Birch
Apex Legends

Earlier this month EA and Respawn dropped Apex Legends’ latest season, entitled Eclipse, which added the terraforming Legend Catalyst and the all-new Broken Moon map. Unfortunately, fans have had some complaints with both as Catalyst’s “ferrofluid” abilities disrupt gameplay in a number of ways and Broken Moon arrived somewhat less polished than past maps.

Thankfully, Respawn/Respawn Vancouver have pushed out a new patch that tweaks Catalyst’s abilities and makes some fairly significant changes to Broken Mood, removing unintended hiding spots, improving collision, and more. You can get the full notes for the hotfix, below.

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  • Resolved lifetime K/DR stat appearing incorrectly for some players.
  • Catalyst's KO shield will now work when downed while casting her Ultimate.
  • While in Phase, Wraith will now see doors sealed by Catalyst's passive.
  • While in Phase, Wraith will not be affected by Catalyst's ferrofluid.
  • Crypto's drone will no longer be able to open doors sealed by Catalyst's passive.
  • Resolved certain challenges which gave the incorrect reward amount.
  • Removed invisible collision that blocked ordnance and abilities in Promenade.
  • Numerous map fixes throughout Broken Moon to remove hiding spots and improve collision.
  • Guns no longer float during Season 15 emotes.
  • Legends will now appear properly sized on select menus when returning to lobby in certain scenarios.

Meanwhile, Respawn has also unveiled the seasonal Wintertide event, which will include plenty of frosty cosmetics and the return of the Winter Express limited-time mode. You can check out a trailer for the Wintertide event, below.

As always, Wintertide cosmetics can be bought directly with real money, but there will also be a series of mini battle passes that will offer a variety of rewards for just playing. Here’s your reward tracker.

Apex Legends can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. A separate version of the game is also available on mobile. The Wintertide event kicks off on December 6.

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