Apex Legends Update Aims to Fix Ongoing Server Woes, But Players Still Have Complaints

Nathan Birch
EA Apex Legends

Something has gone wrong with Apex Legends, and the game’s most recent update doesn’t seem to have done much to get things under control. Following the game’s most recent major update, players have been reporting serious server problems, with disconnects, errors, lag, and packet loss being all-too-common. Earlier this afternoon Respawn attempted to address the problems with a new patch, which promises the following fixes

9/22/2021 Update

  • Fixed a crashing error sometimes caused by equipping animated banner poses
  • Fixed an error with using a Crafting replicator (“PopLockFOV called more often than PushLockFOV”
  • Fixed being unable to hold to swap from an equipped Red Evo armor to a Gold Armor, if Red Evo armor had more health
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Pathfinder to melee far faster than intended
  • Fixed Pathfinder Emote “Old Bot, New Trick” using the wrong icon
  • Switch: Fixed “Press Left Stick to toggle Zoom” message displaying in the middle of weapon sight
  • Fixed Bangalore’s “Solar Soldier” skin obscuring the screen while ADSing while holding down her tactical ability
  • Misc stability fixes, including fixing some errors that can cause disconnections


  • Fixed being able to regenerate ammo for Sheila by meleeing
  • Fixed players being able to reduce Sheila’s bullet spread by crouching
  • Added transition animations for Rampart’s heirloom when the weapon is inspected while Rampart is running

Stability fixes

  • Private Matches
  • Fixed players not receiving updated lobby settings when finishing a previous Private Match
  • Fixed an error in Arenas that occurred when attempting to open the map
  • Fixed players not showing up correctly in pre-match Team UI

Unfortunately, a quick check of the Twitter replies beneath the patch notes reveal a lot of Apex Legends players are still having issues. It seems the latest update isn’t doing anything to alleviate the issues for many, and in fact, may have introduced new bugs. I’m not sure what’s gone wrong, but it seems Apex developer Respawn Vancouver has some more work to do. Thankfully, they promise they are “looking into” further problems, so more updates are likely forthcoming.

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Apex Legends is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, and is playable via backward compatibility on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. The game is currently in the midst of its Emergence season, which launched back in August.

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