Apex Legends Cross-Progression Feature Delayed to 2022, Respawn Confirms

Alessio Palumbo
Apex Legends

In celebration of the release of Apex Legends: Emergence, the tenth season of the battle royale shooter game, Respawn Entertainment hosted a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to answer some of the community's most burning questions.

To begin with, Director of Communications Ryan K. Rigney revealed that the cross-progression feature won't be released before 2022, due to some inherent technical problems with the implementation.

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Next year.

Cross progression is gnarly as hell in terms of being a problem to solve. It's not only that you have to solve the technical challenge of merging existing accounts, but there are also legal and contractual issues to navigate with purchasing on other platforms. Different regions have different laws. It's a mess. But we're working on it, and we're committed to delivering it.

As a reminder, cross-play was added to Apex Legends a few months ago, when the game launched on Nintendo Switch. By the end of next year, a separate version titled Apex Legends Mobile is expected to be released.

In the Reddit AMA, Director of Communications Ryan K. Rigney also confirmed that the enhancement update for next-generation consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X) is still in the works at Respawn.

Oh man, I WISH I had an update to share but we can't say anything definitive at the moment—so can't spoil anything here. Trust us tho, it's in the works and we're excited about it too.

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