Anthem Is Getting a 16-Player Social Hub Called ‘Launch Bay’ on Release Date


BioWare revealed the single player hub of Anthem, Fort Tarsis, a long time ago. However, the official word was that there wouldn't be any 'social hub' akin to those seen in Destiny and other games of this ilk, which disappointed fans. It did seem an odd choice, to be honest, to prevent players from showing off their loot and cosmetics in a social hub.

A couple weeks ago, though, Lead Producer Mike Gamble teased on Twitter that the developers had heard the community's feedback on this matter 'loud and clear'. Just a few hours ago, he revealed the Launch Bay, a place (separate from the aforementioned Fort Tarsis) where up to sixteen Freelancers will be able to meet up and gather.

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The Launch Bay won't be featured in the demo, but it will be there at launch on February 22nd. As a reminder, the VIP demo will be active from tomorrow to Sunday, while the public demo (open to all) will take place between February 1st and 3rd. The client can already be downloaded on all platforms.

We'll have a detailed hands-on preview going live in a few hours.


We want to give you a taste of all you can experience in Anthem, we’ll set you up with some missions and then a slice of the world is yours to explore.

We start you off at level 10 in the demo, so you get to play with a more powerful Javelin and use more powerful weapons.


  • The Anthem pre-launch demos are online only, you must have an internet connection to play.
  • If you’re playing on PlayStation 4, you must have an active PlayStation Plus membership to play the pre-launch demos.
  • If you’re on Xbox One, you must have an active Xbox LIVE Gold subscription to play online.
  • You must be over 18 to play.
  • Your progress carries forward from the VIP demo to the open demo. It does not carry forward to the full game at launch.
  • If you play the VIP pre-launch demo and want to play again in the next pre-launch demo, there’s no need to uninstall and reinstall Anthem.
    • There will be an update to download before the second pre-launch demo.
    • You will need to uninstall and reinstall the game for launch.
  • The VIP Demo is a taste of the final game that we hope will leave you wanting more. To make sure you get the full Anthem experience in a short timeframe, the in-game economy you will experience has been adjusted for the demo. Please note that it will differ from the economy in the full game in the following ways:
    • The economy is different than the final game. This includes the earn rate on XP, items, Coin, and access to certain customization options.
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