Anthem Demo News Coming Soon, Will “Hopefully” Include All Suits; Storytelling Details To Come During PAX West


BioWare's Anthem is not too far from release, but the development team has decided to keep it mostly under wraps for a variety of reasons. Still, this isn't preventing some members of the team from talking about their upcoming game on Twitter.

Recently, Anthem's Executive Producer Mark Darrah and Game Director Jonathan Warner revealed some new information regarding the game and its demo. According to Jonathan Warner, news on the demo will be coming soon.

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The content of the demo has yet to be decided, but Mark Darrah hopes that it will include all four suits.

Progression in the demo will not be carried over onto the final game, but progress made in the Early Access version will do.

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Mark Darrah has also confirmed that additional details on the game's storytelling will be coming at PAX West.

Mark Darrah also talked about some of the game's customization features, confirming that all cosmetics that can be purchased with microtransactions can also be obtainable while playing the game regularly and that it will be possible to change the suits' color without any limitation.

Anthem launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22nd. The Early Access version will be available for Origin Access Premier members a week earlier, from February 15th.