Andy Rubin’s Essential Gives A Reason For The Delay In Their Smartphone And Said That It Will Be Available Soon


There was a lot of hype and a lot of expectation from the first smart phone by Andy Rubin’s Essential startup when it was revealed. Many people, however, have been disappointed as the company missed shipping goals. Originally the phone was supposed to be available within 30 days but these deadlines were never met. We all know how annoying it is when a product hasn’t been delivered on time. Tech fans know what that agony feels like.

Essential asks us to wait

Today Rubin sent out mails to customers who had reserved the product but hadn’t received it. He assured them that the product will come. He explained that the phone is on its way and he is very excited to see the response from customers. But what caused the delay? It seems that Essential is working through various carrier notifications and is conducting tests both in the US and internationally. The delay is no doubt very annoying but providing the potential users with network stability is very important.

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The most important bit in the email is that the phone will be available ‘in a few weeks’. This is a very vague phrase to be honest. Few weeks could mean anything. Well, all we can do is wait. So what are you guys going to do? Will you wait for the $700 powerhouse or will you get the Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 or Pixel 2 instead?

Andy Rubin's Mail

The mail said:

“I personally wanted to thank you for putting your name down for our first phone. We’ve been hard at work getting everything ready and the good news is that we’re now going through certification and testing with multiple US and international carriers.
You might be getting impatient to get your hands on your new Essential Phone (and I’m also impatient to get it to you!) but rest assured that you will have a device in your hands in a few weeks.
In the meantime, give us a shout out using #thisisessential to show the team that sweating the details and working long hours to get this device shipped is worth it.

Keep waiting guys. It will be over soon.

News Source: Andy Rubin’s Essential says its phone will be available ‘in a few weeks’