With The Launch Of Android Q, We Will Also Get 65 New Emojis – Great Way To Celebrate World Emoji Day

Android Q emojis

I am pretty sure that many of us use emojis in our conversations. There was a time before the emojis (Generation Z, you did not exist then) when we used to utilize punctuation marks, alphabets and numbers to create simple emojis and express our feelings. They were indeed simpler times, great times, but we won’t give our current emojis away for anything! Instead we want more and more emojis every day. Luckily for us, Google is making this possible for Android users on this very auspicious, World Emoji Day! Android Q Emojis will be launched later in the year and we cannot be more excited.

So Many Android Q Emojis; So Many Options

The company just announced that they will be releasing 65 new emojis with Android Q later in the year. There is a smiley for everyone and the company just posted a sneak peak of what we can expect from them. They all look pretty exciting and the best thing about it is, that the company is going out of its way to increase diversity in its emojis and we love it!

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Sloths are incredibly cute and represent so many of us on those Monday mornings and lazy weekends. You can now use a sloth to express your slow and lazy moments. A cute little otter is there as well and I can’t wait to use this one! Hate garlic or love garlic? There is an emoji for that too. Waffle emojis for those amazing breakfast moments and kneeling emojis to propose to your significant other. My most favorite one is definitely going to be the service dog and guide dog emojis!

71 couple emojis with increasing diversity representation will be introduced too. For all the Indians out there; Diwali celebration emojis in the form of Diya lamp will be there too! Some of the older emojis are getting updates to introduce more gender ambiguity and eradicate gender stereotyping.

You can enroll for the Q Beta program so that you can get these wonderful emojis as soon as they arrive! Great, right?

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