Android Oreo Triggering Random Reboots On Pixel Phones After Final OTA

Zara Ali
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Google tests its new versions of Android through a lengthy process involving multiple beta releases. After close examination and fixes, the final update is released to compatible devices. First in line devices for the latest update are obviously Pixel and Nexus smartphones. Strangely, the latest Android 8.0 Oreo is running into stability issues on various Pixel units. Lately, many Pixel users took to Reddit to rant about the random reboots after the Oreo update.

Oreo's stability has been under question after the final OTA update release. Despite coming through various developer previews, Android 8.0 is not turning out to be as robust as expected. Many Pixel users have been complaining about random reboots following the OTA update. The worst part of the issue is that the phone goes into reboot anytime of the day, leaving the user with no options.

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According to some Pixel users, the phone goes into reboot after simple tasks such as sending a text message or opening an app. For many users, entering PiP mode causes the rebooting of the device.

A user named reddlvr tried factory resetting the device to resolve the issue but that didn't work, here is what he wrote on Reddit:

The factory reset completely resolved things... for about a week when the reboots started to happen again. I very seriously doubt this is a hardware issue because it was working fine on 7.x, and factory reset fixes it for a while. Android O OTA seems like the ultimate culprit, I've seen some reports that could be the same problem.

For now, Google has not responded to the issue, but we can expect the distress affected users must be going through as they cannot be sure when their device starts to reboot on its own. Many users have downgraded their affected Pixel unit to Nougat while many resorted to manually flashing the Oreo update to get rid of the issue. For general users, we hope Google comes up with an OTA fix soon.

Ideally, such issues should not happen after carefully monitored rounds of previews that the final OTA update goes through. Such issues should be taken seriously by Google as they affect users directly.

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